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Charles Gretton Book Project

Request for Information and Support

A project with the objective of collecting all available information, history and images of clocks and watches made by Charles Gretton for the eventual publishing of a book on this great maker.

Co-Authors are:

Dennis Radage
2515 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, B.C.
V7V 1L5. Canada

Warner Meinen
Beukenlaan 3
9431 CS Westerbork
The Netherlands

The authors are urgently seeking any and all information on this maker, his history, apprentices, journeymen, partners and the clocks and watches made by him. Documentation should be forwarded in as high a quality and high resolution (photographs) as is possible. The authors would however be most grateful for any information of any quality. The authors respectfully request a release that allows us to reproduce and publish the information, findings and images in the new book.

All contributors will be acknowledged in the book, unless requested otherwise. Any information received and marked as confidential will be used just for our research, and will not be published in the book. We thank you for your support.

Dennis Radage FNAWCC, Chair. AHS Western Canada Section.
Tel: 604-921-1666
Email: grettonproject@shaw.ca


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