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Charles Gretton Book Project

July 20, 2008

The Gretton Project

A book about Charles Gretton by Warner Meinen and Dennis Radage

Project Update – July 2008

Hello Again,

As in past updates, we want to thank you for your continued interest and support of our project. This is the third update on our project. We are sending these out approximately every six months. The purpose being to keep you up-to-date on developments, and to let you know that the project continues and is progressing positively.

Our visit to the UK is scheduled for September – October 2008. I will be visiting England commencing 24th September and departing 16th October. Warner will have a somewhat shorter visit this time arriving 30th September and departing 6th October. During our visit we will visit as many Gretton owners as is possible, some we will visit together, others I will visit on my own. Our objective on this trip will be to examine the timepiece and to document as much technical and style information as we can, and then to take several digital photographs using our own equipment.

We have already contacted a few owners to arrange visits, but due to the diverse locations and time limitations, there has been a need to focus our early visits. To help in planning our itinerary, we may be requesting that you provide additional informational contact information such as a post code or telephone number where we do not already have this information. Our objective is to phone ahead of each visit to confirm timing.
As always, all information will remain confidential and will not be released without your full consent. We will discuss acceptable photo captions and credits (if requested) when we visit.

We believe that we have now identified 100 different Gretton items including clocks, watches and a lone (signed) clock dial. We have images of all but six of the items. While this is indeed a milestone, we only know the current location of some 40 items, these being with private collectors, museums, currently with dealers and in stately homes. The remainder (the majority) of those identified are from books, past auction catalogues and dealer catalogues where no current information can be gained. We are working on permission to reproduce all of these images since to tell the complete story we need to include as many images as we can. Our goal of course is all 100. Both auction houses and dealers are being very helpful indeed.

Again, we would like to thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing the pleasures of your Gretton timepiece in our forthcoming book.

With best wishes,
Dennis Radage

Note new contact details:

Dennis Radage:
Tel: +1-604-921-1666
Laila & Dennis Radage: grettonproject@shaw.ca

Warner Meinen:
Tel: +31 (0593) 332860
Warner Meinen: grettonproject@hetnet.nl



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